Breaking News: WWE Diva Quits the Company

According to PWInsider, WWE Diva Maxine has quit WWE.

The report states that Maxine was frustrated with several different things, including not being given a guaranteed deal and not being able to prove herself on TV outside of NXT. She was last seen in the Diva battle royale on Raw this week.

Maxine first joined WWE in 2009 as a developmental talent and was in FCW until NXT's third season. She returned during Season Five as part of a triangle with Derek Bateman and Johnny Curtis.

Ric Flair Assaulted by Wife Again on Monday

According to a report by WCNC in North Carolina, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police were called to the condo of Ric Flair and his wife Jacqueline Bains Beems around 9:40PM yesterday after Beems assaulted Flair. Neither Flair or Jacqueline were arrested or hospitalized.

Beems was arrested for punching Flair in the face back in 2010 at their home and charged with assault. The district attorney later dropped those charges. Beems was also arrested and charged with DWI and reckless driving on March 31, 2012.

Source: RSN & WCNC

Spoilers: Updated Line-Up For WWE Money In The Bank 2012 PPV

WWE Money in the Bank will take place on July 15, 2012 from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona. 

WWE Championship, Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Kane vs Big Show vs Chris Jericho vs John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship, Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Damien Sandow vs Tyson Kidd vs Christian vs Santino Marella vs Tensai

WWE Championship Match
CM Punk(c) vs Daniel Bryan
Special Guest Referee: AJ

Spoilers: Stipulation for WWE Championship Match & MITB Update

At tonight's Smackdown taping Vickie Guerrero announced that AJ will be the special guest referee when CM Punk faces Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at WWE Money in the Bank.

Also at the Smackdown tapings, Damien Sandow, Tyson Kidd, Santino Marella, Christian and Tensai earned the right to participate in the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Spoilers: WWE Superstars Results 6/28/12

Dark Match
Brodus Clay w/Cameron & Naomi defeated Drew McIntyre

WWE Superstars (Airing Thursday)
The Uso Brothers defeated Hunico and Camacho

Sin Cara defeated Antonio Cesaro w/ Aksana via count out

Kane defeated Heath Slater

The PrimeTime Players defeated Primo & Epico

Spoilers: Next Week's WWE Raw & SmackDown GM

It was announced at this week's WWE SmackDown taping that Teddy Long will be the guest general manager for Monday's edition of RAW and Tuesday's live 'Great American Bash' edition themed of SmackDown.

WWE is currently using general managers from the past as guests GMs while the "Board of Directors" searches for a permanent General Manager.

The permanent General Manager of RAW and SmackDown will be announced during the 1,000th RAW episode on July 23rd.

Spoilers: WWE Smackdown Results 6/29/12

Dark Match
Brodus Clay (w/Cameron, Naomi) defeated Drew McIntyre.

WWE Smackdown (Airing Friday)
Layla defeated AJ Lee with help from Daniel Bryan. Bryan came out chanting YES and AJ was distracted, allowing Layla to get the win. Bryan called out Vickie Guerrero and demands AJ be banned from ringside during his WWE Title match against CM Punk at Money in the Bank. Vickie announces AJ will be the guest referee for the match.

Vickie announces Money in the Bank qualifying matches for tonight and next week. The first is up next.

Damien Sandow defeated Zack Ryder to qualify for Money in the Bank.

Tyson Kidd defeated Jack Swagger to qualify for Money in the Bank.

Jack Swagger got on the mic but ended up getting laid out by Jerry Lawler to a big pop from the crowd. This was likely a dark segment.

Santino Marella and Christian defeated Cody Rhodes and David Otunga to qualify for Money in the Bank.

Otunga got on the mic and posed for the crowd after the match. Triple H came out and hit him with a Pedigree for another dark segment. Booker T also hit Otunga and did a Spin-a-rooni for a pop.

Backstage segment with Bryan and AJ.

Ryback beat two local wrestlers in a squash.

Teddy Long announces Layla and The Great Khali vs. Aksana and Antonio Cesaro for Tuesday's live SmackDown. Teddy will be the General Manager for RAW and SmackDown.

Tensai defeated Justin Gabriel to qualify for Money in the Bank.

Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio in the main event to retain the World Heavyweight Title. Sheamus got the win after a Brogue Kick on Ziggler.

WWE Title Match Announced for Money In The Bank

Vickie Guerrero posted the following tweet on her Twitter account, "I’ve just confirmed with the WWE Board that at #MoneyInTheBank, @CMPunk will defend the WWE Championship against @WWEDanielBryan."

Currently, Three matches have been announced for next month's WWE Money in the Bank PPV,

WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Kane vs Big Show vs Chris Jericho vs John Cena

World Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match

WWE Championship Match
CM Punk(c) vs Daniel Bryan

The Great American Bash to Return

WWE are promoting a SmackDown "Great American Bash" special for next Tuesday's live show. The show will broadcast live on SyFy next Tuesday, July 3rd at 8/7c and will feature talent from both Raw and Smackdown.

Goldberg Teases Big News

Former WWE & WCW wrestler Bill Goldberg posted the following on his Twitter account.

Big news coming soon so stay tuned…

Backstage News & Update On Heyman's Role In WWE

As previously noted, WWE is teasing that Paul Heyman will be on RAW tonight. He would be there to respond to Triple H laying him out last week.

Heyman currently holds a regular role in the company to help build the planned SummerSlam match between Brock Lesnar and Triple H on Lesnar's behalf. This is being done as WWE only has a select number of dates agreed for Lesnar to work. Like this, WWE doesn't have to use all the dates on Lesnar's contract at once and able to use them wisely, spreading them over time.

Heyman's current deal with WWE is reportedly until August's SummerSlam PPV, however there is always the chance that both sides could extend the deal.

Source: The Wrestling Observer

PR: WWE Announces New TV Show To Air Wednesdays

Here is the official press release regarding WWE's new weekly one-hour series:

WWE Announces Launch Of A New Weekly Television Show

WWE announced today that a new weekly one-hour series titled "WWE Main Event" will air on Wednesday nights at 8/7 Central on ION Television. The show will debut on October 3, 2012 and will feature WWE Superstars & Divas from both Raw & Smacdown.
“WWE looks forward to this new partnership with ION Television,” said Vince McMahon, WWE Chairman and CEO. “We are excited about producing this new television show, WWE Main Event, and bringing our fans to ION Television every Wednesday.”

WWE Raw Supershow Preview 6/25/12 - Jericho's Return, Heyman's Response to HHH, and More

Tonight's WWE RAW Supershow will take place from the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Confirmed for tonight's show is the return of Chris Jericho. Triple H and John Laurinaitis are both being advertised. WWE is also advertising Kelly Kelly, who has been off TV for several weeks, and one-half of the Tag Team Champions R-Truth, who has been out injured.
Tonight's show will be led by Vickie Guerrero in the General Manager role. Advertised locally is John Cena vs. Big Show and John Laurinaitis in a Handicap Match.
WWE is hyping the following for tonight's show:

Chris Jericho's return and how he will adjust to the changed WWE landscape since he left
Has Kane captured the heart of AJ Lee?

More on Titus O'Neil and Darren Young's road to the WWE Tag Team Titles

Will Heath Slater offend another WWE Legend?

What Will Paul Heyman have to say about Triple H punching him last week?

Source: RSN & WWE

Confirmed Main Event for Destination X PPV

It was confirmed on Thursdays episode of TNA Impact Wrestling that Austin Aries will face Bobby Roode at Destination X pay-per-view next month.

Aries handed over the X Division title to Hulk Hogan in the opening segment of Impact with the stipulation that going forward, anyone who holds the X-Division title come Destination X can turn it in for a shot at the TNA champion.

Evan Bourne Update, Confirmed For July FCW Event

Evan Bourne was being advertised during Wednesday’s Florida Championship Wrestling show in Orlando, FL.

Posters featuring Bourne were posted promoting their return show in Orlando on July 25th. Bourne is scheduled for a meet & greet session during the show.

Bourne suffered a foot injury after serving a sixty day suspension from WWE.

Spoilers: WWE Smackdown Results 6/22/12

Dark Match:
Damien Sandow defeated Percy Watson.

Sin Cara beat Antonio Cesaro by count out when Cesaro walked out.

SmackDown, Airing Friday:
Teddy Long kicks off SmackDown and is all smiles with John Laurinaitis gone. Big Show comes out and is met by Brodus Clay. They brawl until David Otunga makes the save for Show. Big Show hits the WMD on Clay and stares down Otunga. Show left by himself. There was tons of heel heat or Big Show in this segment.

Ryback won another squash. His opponents were Jared Walkler and Frank Valencia, and they cut a promo before the match.

Mick Foley is backstage in his General Manager role. Vickie Guerrero reveals she will be the GM of RAW and SmackDown next week. It's announced The Great Khali will be her assistant and we get some comedy.

Daniel Bryan does a "Memorable Moment" video for the 1,000th RAW.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Christian in a non-title match. Cody Rhodes came out after the match and laid Christian out.

Kane defeated Daniel Bryan in a good back and forth match with AJ Lee out as the guest timekeeper. AJ rings the bell as Kane is in the Yes Lock. The referee says the match is not over and Kane chokeslams Bryan for the win. AJ skips away smiling.

Mick Foley comes out to the ring but is interrupted by Heath Slater running his mouth. This leads to Slater vs. Zack Ryder.

Zack Ryder beat Heath Slater.

The Usos vs. Darren Young and Titus O'Neil is next. The Primetime Players get the win after a distraction from AW.

Backstage segment with Mick Foley and Zack Ryder celebrating. They run into Damien Sandow and have words.

AW is backstage celebrating with Young and O'Neil when they are attacked by Epico and Primo.

Santino Marella comes out looking for the best fan signs in the crowd. A woman comes into the ring wearing a Santino t-shirt. She's obviously a plant as she reveals a Cobra on her hand. Their Cobras kiss then they kiss and Santino passes out. Santino has found a new love.

Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler.

Spoilers: Guest GM Revealed for Next Week’s WWE Raw & Smackdown

Vickie Guerrero revealed on Twitter that she will be the General Manager of RAW and SmackDown next week. The official announcement will be made by WWE on this Friday's SmackDown. Vickie wrote:

"RAW and Smackdown next week...tune in!!! Vickie Guerrero shows how it's done as GM...sending thank you card to board of directors ASAP"

Rey Mysterio’s Return to the WWE

Rey Mysterio's 60-day suspension ends this Monday, June 25th. WWE has yet to list Mysterio for any upcoming events, we will provide an update when more information becomes available, please check back.

Spoilers: WWE Superstars Results 6/21/12

WWE taped the Raw portion of WWE Superstars from Long Island, NY.
Dark Match:
Dean Ambrose defeated A local worker

WWE Superstars (Airing Thursday)
Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel defeated Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks

Zack Ryder defeated Drew McIntyre

WWE taped the Smackdown portion of WWE Superstars from the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.
Dark Match:
Damien Sandow defeated Percy Watson.

Sin Cara beat Antonio Cesaro by count out when Cesaro walked out.

WWE Superstars (Airing Thursday)
Hunico (with Camacho) defeated Ezekiel Jackson.

Spoiler: Stipulation Added to WWE No Way Out, Possible Final Card for Sunday

It was announced at Tuesday's WWE SmackDown tapings that the steel cage match between John Cena vs. Big Show at Sunday's No Way Out pay-per-view will see John Cena get fired from WWE if he loses. It was previously announced that Laurinaitis will be fired by Vince McMahon if Big Show loses.

WWE Title Match
Kane vs. Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk

World Heavyweight Title Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus

Steel Cage Match
Big Show vs. John Cena
John Laurinaitis and John Cena's jobs on the line. Vince McMahon will be at ringside.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Cody Rhodes vs. Christian

WWE Divas Title Match
Beth Phoenix vs. Layla

YouTube Pre-show Match
David Otunga vs. Brodus Clay

Triple H will make an appearance

Spoilers: WWE Superstars Results 6/14/12

Zack Ryder defeated Michael McGillicutty.

Darren Young & Titus O'Neil defeated The Usos.

Hunico defeated Justin Gabriel

Spoilers: WWE NXT Results 6/13/12

Tonight WWE will tape this week's NXT episode from Manchester, New Hampshire at the Verizon Wireless Arena.

Dark Match
Dean Ambrose lost to a local wrestler from Manchester, New Hampshire.

WWE NXT (Airing Wednesday)
Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins defeated Derrick Bateman and Percy Watson

Kaitlyn defeated Natalya

The Uso Brothers defeated Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis

Spoilers: WWE Smackdown Results 6/8/12

Dark Match
Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose.

Spoilers: WWE Superstars Results 6/7/12

Jinder Mahal defeated Alex Riley with the Camel Clutch.

Jack Swagger defeated Zack Ryder.

Hunico defeated Yoshi Tatsu.

Spoilers: WWE NXT Taping Results 6/6/12

Dark Match
Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose.

WWE NXT (Airing Thursday)
Tyler Reks defeated Jimmy Uso

Percy Watson defeated JTG

Tamina Snuka defeated Natalya

Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater & Johnny Curtis

WWE Officials Want Randy Orton Terminated

Randy Orton's future with WWE is uncertain following their announcement Wednesday that he was being suspended for 60 days for his second violation of the Talent Wellness Program. reports the SmackDown wrestler met with Chairman Vince McMahon, Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events Paul Levesque and Executive Vice President of Television Production Kevin Dunn at the organization's headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut on Friday to discuss his future with the organization.

A WWE source described the meeting's atmosphere as "hostile;" it was determined that a further decision concerning Orton awaits. The report adds there are "several" officials lobbying for his termination as a cost-cutting measure. They feel his lucrative ten-year contract—signed in January 2010—can no longer be justified if he is brought back in a mid-level role. His second suspension hinders WWE from continuing to feature Orton in headline role since a third drug-testing policy infraction would result in automatic termination.

McMahon is especially infuriated with Orton, who felt he had matured in recent years. The nine-time world champion's suspension reportedly stems from a positive drug test for the anabolic steroid Dianabol, which is banned by the United States Congress under its Controlled Substances Act. He also reportedly tested positive for marijuana, which is subject to a $2,500 fine.

Source: Ringside News

Big News on Ryback’s WWE Future

WWE has big plans in store for Ryback, who has continuously steamrolled enhancement talent since debuting on SmackDown in April. reports Vince McMahon has notified creative to script Ryback as dominant as possible in future outings. The WWE Chairman is very high on the SmackDown Superstar as he feels he can be his company's version of Bill Goldberg.

Spoilers: WWE Superstars Results from Greenville, South Carolina

WWE taped the Raw portion of this week's WWE Superstars tonight. Here are the results.

WWE Superstars (Airing Thursday)

Jinder Mahal defeated Alex Riley via Camel Clutch

Jack Swagger defeated Zack Ryder.

Vince McMahon on Raw Next Week

Next Monday on Raw, Mr. McMahon will return to evaluate John Laurinaitis’ job performance on a special 3-hour Raw, starting at 8/7 pm CT on USA Network.