Spoilers: WWE Smackdown Results 7/27/12

Dark Match
The Usos defeated Hunico and Camacho.

Zack Ryder defeated Heath Slater.

WWE Smackdown (Airing Friday)

The Rock is #1 Contender @ WWE Royal Rumble 2013

On tonight's episode of WWE Raw, The Rock came out after the wedding between Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee, and announced that he would face the WWE Champion, whoever that may be @ Royal Rumble 2013.

AJ Announced as New General Manager of Raw

On tonight's episode of WWE Raw, Vince McMahon came out during the wedding between Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee, and announced that AJ would be the new general manager of Raw.

The wedding did not continue, as AJ left the ringside area and Daniel Bryan destroyed the wedding set.

Date Revealed for Daniel Bryan and AJ's Wedding

AJ tweeted the following right after she accepted Daniel Bryan's marriage proposal on WWE Raw tonight.

In celebration of our recent engagement, @WWEDanielBryan and I cordially invite you to our wedding ceremony next week LIVE during #Raw1000.

Source: RSN & Twitter

Spoilers: WWE Superstars Results 7/19/12

WWE taped this week's Raw portion of WWE Superstars tonight in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please see the results below:

Santino Marella defeated Jinder Mahal

Cody Rhodes defeated Alex Riley

Spoilers: WWE Superstars Results 7/12/12

Hunico defeated Justin Gabriel

Alicia Fox and Kaitlyn defeated Beth Phoenix and Natalya

Jinder Mahal defeated Alex Riley 

Spoilers: WWE Smackdown Results 7/13/12

ZackDown opens up with Zack Ryder coming out as the General Manager. He tries to get the world's biggest fist pump going with the whole crowd doing it. Alberto Del Rio comes out and runs him down. Ryder makes Sin Cara vs. Del Rio and that match is up first.

Alberto Del Rio beat Sin Cara with the armbar.

Backstage segment with Big Show insulting Zack Ryder and The Great Khali. Show vs. The Great Khali is announced.

Primo and Epico defeated Darren Young and Titus O'Neil.

Backstage segment with Ryder and Sheamus. Chris Jericho comes in and Jericho vs. Sheamus is announced for tonight's main event.

Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler defeated Christian and Santino Marella.

Big Show quickly knocked out The Great Khali to win their match.

Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks come out and does Ryback. They talk strategy but Ryback gets the win over Reks in a competitive match.

Damien Sandow defeated Justin Gabriel.

Sheamus beat Chris Jericho in the match of the night that went over 15 minutes. Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick after lots of back and forth action.

Spoiler: Former Champion to Return on RAW 7/9/12

WWE Legend Bob Backlund is expected to be the Legend who returns on tonight's WWE RAW Supershow. If Backlund is indeed the Legend for this week, he will likely do a match or angle with Heath Slater.

Backlund was visiting his mother at her rest home in Minnesota this weekend and told people there that he was headed to Denver, Colorado where tonight's RAW Supershow is being held.

The two-time WWE Champion last appeared on WWE TV in 2007 for the RAW 15th Anniversary show.

Source: F4Wonline.com