We are delighted to announce 2021 will see the relaunch of Fight! Nation Wrestling under the guise of parent company International Wrestling Network Limited, and its first events are scheduled to take place in the summer.

Our goal is to give each and every fan the most interactive and entertaining experience like no other, in an inclusive and engaging environment where all are welcome. Delivering you a high-octane, all-energy event to enjoy live and re-live again and again via our digital platforms. This is Fight! Nation Wrestling, are you ready to experience it?

In 2015, Fight! Nation Wrestling launched with shows across the south of England, producing twenty-two (22) shows in two (2) years. In May 2017 the purchase of IPW:UK assets was agreed with Fight! Nation Wrestling producing forty-eight (48) shows under that brand name up to May 2019, with another two (2) events in December 2019 before IPW as a brand and its assets were sold to Paul Hopkins and eventually retired.

In 2021, we have come together to amalgamate the history of the 2015-2019 period and will acknowledge the championship heritage in that era. The future of the championships will be released in the near future.

At the heart of our operation is the care and consideration of the wrestlers, contractors and last but not least, the supporters. Therefore, it’s vital that on our return we have clear policies in place, including a strict code of conduct and safeguarding policies that will continually be monitored to make Fight! Nation Wrestling a safe and secure environment for all. In addition to this we are proud to confirm we have agreed a code of conduct with Equity to further protect talent working with our promotion.

Join us on our journey, let’s UNITE TO FIGHT!


Billy Wood, Paul Hopkins, Steve Bennett, Dean Ayass, So Cal Val, Chris Hatch and Sarah Barraclough-Hatch