Code of Conduct



At Fight! Nation Wrestling, we expect the highest level of personal conduct from all staff,

workers, and volunteers, regardless of position.  Fight! Nation Wrestling is a friendly and open

place to work and we achieve this through a balance of workplace culture and dignity.

This culture must not interfere with upholding high levels of professionalism in all areas.


The following principles help form our culture, core values and uphold our business plan.

Failure to adhere to these principles may result in disciplinary action being taken and may include the cancelation of any future bookings

—   Honesty, integrity and fairness.

—   We do not discriminate and understand that each individual is unique and recognise our individual differences. These can include but are not limited to age, ethnicity, class, gender, physical abilities/qualities, race, sexual orientation, as well as religious status and gender expression.

—   Fight! Nation Wrestling’s interest and reputation should be upheld at all times.


We expect you to:

—   Attend work on time.

—   Carry out the duties of the post for which you are employed.

—   Behave in a way that is respectful, supportive and co-operative to colleagues,

members and external contacts, both in person, online and over the phone.

—   Clear up after yourself and keep the venue a safe and comfortable place to work.

—   Attend work in a fit condition to carry out your duties effectively (e.g. not under the

influence of alcohol or illegal drugs).

—   Dress appropriately for the type of work that you are doing.

—   Understand and follow Fight! Nation Wrestling’s various employment policies.

—   Not to remove company property.

—   Not to intentionally misuse or damage company property.


Working Relationships:

It is important that you treat your colleagues and everyone you come into contact with

during your work with respect. We expect you the treat them in a courteous, fair and equal

manner. These policies also apply to any contractors and suppliers we engage with.

We expect you to be supportive to your colleagues and behave in a way which enhances

the performance and effectiveness of Fight! Nation Wrestling.

Harassment, bullying, victimisation and other actions and behaviours which undermine the well-being of your colleagues will not be tolerated.

The above and followings conditions will be included as part of your booking agreement, failure to adhere to these may result in cancellation of future bookings.

—   No alcohol or illegal drugs to be consumed / taken by staff and performers prior to and during the show.

—   No guests to be brought to the venue without prior permission from Fight Nation Wrestling.

—   No interaction will be allowed between performers and paying customers at the venue before, during and after the show. This includes but is not exclusive of personal photographs and sale of merchandise.

—   Fight Nation Wrestling will arrange for the sale of merchandise if required and will ask for 10% of sales to cover this facility.

—   Performers who are asked to take part in any in ring photo shoots will receive 50% of the sale of their individual photos.

—   All media taken at the event will remain the property of Fight! Nation Wrestling and cannot be shared on any social media platform without prior consent from Fight! Nation Wrestling.