When was Fight! Nation Wrestling founded?

Fight! Nation Wrestling was founded in 2015 by Billy Wood, becoming the sole European licensee of the National Wrestling Alliance.

Who runs Fight! Nation Wrestling?

Fight! Nation Wrestling is owned by International Wrestling Network Limited (company number: 11861261) and is run by a committee put together by the company Directors. The committee are Billy Wood, Paul Hopkins, Steve Bennett, So Cal Val, Dean Ayass, Chris Hatch and Sarah Barraclough-Hatch.

Who are the Champions?

Fight! Nation Wrestling purchased IPW:UK in 2017, therefore when purchasing all championships were retained. The current active championships are.

  • FNW Men’s British Championship
  • IPW Championship (Men’s)
  • FNW Women’s British Championship (formerly IPW Women’s Championship)
  • FNW Men’s Tag Team Championship (formely IPW Tag Team Championship)
Where can I watch Fight! Nation Wrestling live?

Initially for 2021-22 live shows will take place in Milton Keynes, across Kent and East Sussex. However, we aim to add additional towns as time goes by.

Where can I buy tickets to a Fight! Nation Wrestling Show?

We are an all-ticket event; therefore, tickets can be purchased from our official ticketing partner Skiddle. You can search for us as skiddle.com or alternatively go to our events page and our events will have a ticket link for them.

If a show is cancelled or needs rescheduling, do I get a refund?

If the show is cancelled ticket buyers will receive a refund from our ticket supplier, Skiddle. If we reschedule a show, ticket buyers will be given the option to receive a refund, or to hold onto their tickets for the new date. We are hoping, with the roll out of the vaccine and the government roadmap in place, Covid-19 will not play a part in any show being rescheduled.

Are shows suitable for the whole family?

Whilst wrestling is based around combat, the entertainment makes the show an all-round entertaining show. The only difference is our Milton Keynes venue; we keep those shows to 14+ due to the layout and standing nature of the shows.

What are your rules and policies to safeguard your workers (both in ring and backstage) and also supporters?

We pride ourselves on our policies and procedures, all of which can be found on this website. These are in place to ensure our team are always in a safe and secure environment by following the strict procedures we have put in place. It’s important that not only our team are protected, but the ticket buyers are in a safe environment and therefore we will make sure at every show we have sufficient security and an information point for anyone who needs to report anything, from a safeguarding issue to reporting a lost or stolen item.

At shows can I bring my own food and drink?
Whilst this question is dependent on venue, the venues we will currently operate will be serving food and drink, therefore it’s prohibited. Medication or any special provisions could be made but if you have any worries do contact us on info@fightnationwrestling.com
Can I take videos and photos?

Both are prohibited whilst the show is ongoing. If you want to take pictures of the arena than we are more than happy for that to take place before the show begins, in the interval or at the end shortly before we empty the arena.

Can I meet the wrestlers?

Some wrestlers will be available for a Meet & Greet, this will be part of a VIP ticket package. We will also do in-ring photos with the wrestlers, this portion will also be filmed and posted online, so you the supporter can re-live the experience.

The wrestlers will not be available to meet outside of the above moments on our shows. All experiences will be managed by our staff to ensure a safe and happy environment.

I really enjoyed your shows! Where can I watch them back?

On the website click ‘On Demand’ and it will take you to our On Demand service, for just £7 a month you can watch hours of Fight! Nation Wrestling footage throughout our early Fight! Nation shows or our International Pro Wrestling shows from 2017-19.

I have another question, where do I ask?
Email us at info@fightnationwrestling.com and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.